Wielders are able to control Blaze Energy, the great fires that burn through the fabric of the world.

Wielders are exclusively female, born with the potential to reach a certain level of ability, but they can only access their powers independently once they reach the age of twenty. Until then they must employ the aid of kanaala to help them wield.

They have been banished from Calidell and any who are discovered in the country, or found to be wielding, are immediately executed. Those born into unsuspecting Calidellian families are usually tracked down and exterminated, too.

Abilities with Blaze can be inherited and it is likely that a kanaala will father a wielder daughter.

Wielders must choose their bed-fellows carefully, however, as they have the potential to burn their lovers alive. Worse, the act can transform ordinary men into eisiels. For this reason, most wielders will marry kanaala or remain celibate.