"One had to be careful around vanha-sielu if they were not aware of their true identity; something to do with their minds not being ready for the onslaught of memories."

Vanha-sielu is an old term for a specific group of people, meaning "repeated life." These individuals are born again within two weeks of their deaths, apparently for eternity. In each life they carry an identical appearance and are inevitably given the same name by their parents or guardians.

Occasionally, their own fame in previous lives causes them to be named after themselves.

Until the age of 23 they are unaware of their deep past, although several aspects of their character will manifest in the same way through childhood. If memories are forced upon a vanha-sielu before their mind is ready to accept them, it can lead to death or madness. However, familiar faces and objects do not seem to trigger this in young vanha-sielu, which implies that a certain set of words are necessary in order to initiate premature recall.

It is currently unknown how the phenomena of vanha-sielu came about, and new ones do not appear to have been created in recent times.