Silar lowres
“You can’t just avoid women while you wait around for a war to come along. What sort of life is that? And
nalka only happens if you stop sleeping with them, anyway!”

Silar to Morghiad

Lord Silar Forllan is a lieutenant of Calidell's army and close friend of Morghiad. Although he has no abilities with Blaze, he is able to predict human action with surprising accuracy. He is the younger son of a noble family from Southern Calidell and has his own network of spies. At the opening of Chapter 1 in CoB he is 23 years old.

He is promiscuous, jovial and swears often. He is, however, very loyal to his friends and obligations, forgoing his sexual relationships to become a dedicated soldier. Silar is an excellent swordsman and ranked second only to Morghiad. Upon meeting Artemi, he displays an immediate attraction to her.

Lord Forllan is described as handsome, with youthful features, blond hair and ultramarine eyes. He is of a similar build to Morghiad at over six foot and is broad-shouldered.

He has a number of older brothers and his father is the landed Lord Forllan. His mother, Lady Forllan, was a former agent sent to spy on his father. His great-grandparents fought in the famed Battle of Lobesia.

DoB 3187 PD, late spring
PoB Southern Calidell
Hair Blond
Eyes Dark Blue