“Well, it took you over three hundred years to procure me so I rather think you are becoming over-anxious about the situation.”

Morghiad to his father on the subject of producing an heir.

Morghiad of House Sete'an is the Kahr of Calidell, First Heir to the Marble Throne and Captain of Calidell's Army. He is kanaala of considerable ability, graded twelve. The kahr is also an excellent swordsman, purported to have bested each of the lieutenants in his army. In Chapter 1 of CoB he is 22 years old.

He is frequently perceived as cold and implacable, although in truth he expends a great deal of energy attempting to rein in any expressiveness. Beneath the surface, his temper often runs hot and he feels his emotions keenly.

He is described as handsome, even beautiful for a man. However, his lack of passion or expression lends him a stony and rock-carved appearance. His hair is black and his eyes are green as new leaves. He stands at over six foot in height.

The kahr is the only child of King Acher of Calidell and a former benay-gosa, known only as Tylena. She died at the time of Morghiad's birth. His father has high hopes that Morghiad will bed a woman and work towards fathering an heir of his own, but these hopes are running thin. There are rumours about the castle that he is homosexual and actually in love with his friend, Silar.

He rides a black blood horse, named Tyshar.

DoB 3188 PD, summer
PoB Western Calidell
Hair Black
Eyes Green

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Morghiad's true parents are the former Queen of Gialdin and her consort, a Sunidaran general called Hedinar Kantari. He had an elder sister, Alliah of House Jade'an, who was the intended heir to the throne of Gialdin.

There is a foretelling which implies that he, or a male of his family, will one day destroy the world.