Gialdin was a former country (with a capital of the same name) which bordered the sea on the eastern side of the Sennefhal continent. It is now a province within Calidell.

Gialdin was sacked by King Acher and his army in 3192 PD. The country was ultimately conquered when he successfully destroyed the Blaze-forged, white palace in its capital. On the same day he executed the surviving members of its ruling family, House Jade'an, with his own blade. The day is now celebrated annually in autumn with the "Gialdin Feast Day."

Though much smaller than its neighbours, it was far wealthier and enjoyed good trade links with overseas countries. Gialdin was purported to support its own welfare system for the injured and orphaned.

The original capital of Gialdin now exists as a ruin, its fallen masonry too perilous to clear.