Treasures from Medieval York - The Cawood Sword

"Life on the lowest levels was rather gloomy: the only daylight came from foot-wide wells that bore their way to the top."

Cadra is the capital city of Calidell and main backdrop for the events in City of Blaze.

It is a defensive citadel with massive walls of a width that takes "a full minute to traverse" and heights that "caress the clouds." Inside, the city is predominantly contructed from a green limestone. It consists of stacked layers of houses and curving streets that connect the levels.

At the centre of the city is the castle, which is fequently described as oppressive, dingy and warren-like. The castle is constructed of a much darker stone, perhaps basalt, and has become entombed by the green houses that surround it. It does, however, have numerous tall towers that protrude like the spines of an urchin.

The castle and city are home to the ruler of Calidell, with many visiting nobles and courtiers. It is also the home of the country's army, which regularly patrols the city as its guard.

The symbol of Cadra is a sword on feathers.