"Her bored expression seemed to conflict with the drama occurring around her head."

Artemi coloured in

Artemi D'Avrohan is a low-born commoner of Cadra and linen-washer in the castle. She is a hidden wielder of unsurpassed ability, graded at least thirteen - though no one quite understands where thirteen begins and ends. In Chapter 1 of CoB she is 17 years old.

She is impulsive, expressive. quick-witted and wilful. Her nature frequently lands her in difficult situations and causes her to clash with the more reserved Kahr Morghiad.

Artemi is described as both handsome and striking in appearance, with waist-length hair the colour of old gold and fire. Her eyes are dark brown, her skin is pale and she is 'of average height for a woman.'

Until she came to work at the castle she lived with her father, Toryn D'Avrohan, in a one-roomed house in the poor quarter of Cadra. Her mother, whose name is not known, died in childbirth.

DoB 3192 PD, autumn
PoB Cadra, Calidell
Hair Auburn/Red Gold
Eyes Dark Brown

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City cover

"The memories of a thousand lives lived once before,

The echoes of a thousand deaths felt once more,

Rent apart and then rebuilt our hero’s mind"

It is believed that she is the famous Artemi Fireblade of legend, with lives spanning multiple millenia in which she had won battles and ruled vast countries. She is therefore vanha-sielu and one of the seven renowned, deadly Kusuru Assassins.

Artemi becomes the lover of Morghiad Sete'an, and they establish a sexual relationship in spite of the gulf in their Blaze abilities.