“Death. Is. Necessary.”

King Acher

King Acher of House Sete'an is the ruler of Calidell and former lands of Gialdin. He is styled General of the Army of Calidell, though tradition prevents him from taking an active role in military administration or secrets. In Chapter 2 of CoB he is 362 years old.

He is portrayed as lustful, impatient, callous and selfish, although he believes he is taking the correct path for his country. He frequently strives to improve his son, Morghiad's, imperfect nature. He does not deal well with rejection, and regularly beheads the benay-gosa who spurn his advances.

He is described as lump-nosed, bearded and shorter than his son. His hair is brown and his eyes are a lighter shade of the same colour.

Acher is a direct descendant of the famous King Rugosa.

DoB 2849 PD
PoB Calidell
Hair Brown
Eyes Light Brown